• I am pleased to be able to offer Reiki at two office locations in Western North Carolina: in Asheville at WellSpring Wellness Center and Trade Street, downtown Tryon. You can now check availability and book a session online. All sessions are one hour long. First time clients, please plan to arrive an additional 10-15 minutes before their appointment to fill out intake forms.

  • YES it works, and it is Amazing.

    Distance Reiki requires a particular practice and symbology to allow me to connect and work with your energetic field from afar. All you have to do is to allow yourself to receive. I practice in my office as if we were in the room together, using a body pillow on my massage table as a reference for you.

    At the time of your appointment, I will call you for a brief check in to discuss any particular concerns or needs you may have. The remote Reiki experience is treated the same as an in person one, in so far as I begin at the crown of your head, “scanning” the energetic body and applying a series of hand positions to clear the energy centers, ending at the feet. Just as I would in person, I may receive indications of areas of your body that would like more attention, and will send or focus more energy in those areas. The goal is to promote relaxation, clear the body’s energy fields and aura, and enhance your overall sense of well being. I will “disconnect” from your energetic field before calling you again at the end of the session to discuss the experience.

    Experiences shared with each client in every single distance session has validated this amazing technique, and it is my humble honor to do this work with you.

    I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

  • Give the gift of relaxation and healing! Individual or multiple session packages are available.

    All Reiki sessions are one hour long.
    First time Reiki clients receive 20% off their first session.