Recenter, Relax, Restore with Reiki


LoveJoy was created to help empower our individual energetic and emotional healing, to enhance our life experience, and to help elevate the collective vibration on the planet.

I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that our life goal is joy – being in joy, joy-filled, en-joyed while we take care of ourselves, our families, communities, and our planet. If I am feeling ill, in emotional distress, or not centered within myself, I will be less effective in my life and less beneficial to those around me. When we are well and feeling great, the world is our oyster and we confidently go about our lives, interacting positively with others, and accomplishing our goals and desires much more easily.

Sometimes we get stuck. When our physical, emotional or energetic bodies are out of balance or our systems are in dis-ease, there is often an energetic block “left over” from a single or multiple experience, or from unconsciously continuing behavioral patterns that no longer serve us. In this state we are most likely vibrating at a lower frequency and experiencing negative emotions, illness, or physical pain.

When we clear our energy centers and energetic field surrounding our body, we begin to de-stress, feel better, come back into balance and again experience elevated emotions like gratitude, love and joy. These positive emotions carry a higher, happier, healing frequency.

Reiki is a powerful tool that can be used to empower this healing. Among the many benefits of receiving Reiki include: deep relaxation, stress and anxiety relief, pain relief, healing emotional trauma, balancing the energetic body and bringing a sense of overall well being. (Please see the Benefits of Reiki page for a full list of healing qualities Reiki can provide.)

I feel called to the practice of Reiki, and am grateful for my own emotional healing journey as a conduit to joy-filled health and wellness. I acknowledge and honor the teachers that have come before me, everyone who has influenced my journey down this path, and all those I stand with.

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All Reiki sessions are one hour long. First time Reiki clients receive 20% off their first session.