Welcome to Reiki Healing


LoveJoy Reiki was created to share powerful energetic healing and reset for the Body, Mind and Spirit, to help empower emotional healing, to enhance life experience, and to help elevate the collective frequency on the planet.

I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that our life goal is joy – being in joy, joy-filled, en-joyed while we take care of ourselves, our families, communities, and our world.

Whether from everyday stress, fatigue, injury, a single or prolonged negative experience, or continued behavioral patterns that no longer serve us, our physical, emotional or spiritual bodies can get stuck out of balance. Often an energetic block can remain “left over” from these experiences, leaving us susceptible to illness or dis-ease.

Reiki is a powerful complementary healing modality that clears the energy centers and surrounding auric fields of the body, helping to heal aspects of a person not addressed through modern western medicine or psychology. With just an hour of Reiki, you can experience deep relaxation for the mind and body, relief from stress, anxiety and pain, emotional reset, a soothed spirit, restored energy levels and a deep sense of overall well being. (Please see the Benefits of Reiki page for a full list of healing qualities Reiki can provide.)

My passion is working with Reiki energy and spirit/spiritual guidance to help people heal themselves, feel better, more centered, and more connected to their higher selves so they may be their best in the world. 

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All Reiki sessions are one hour long. First time Reiki clients receive 20% off their first session.