Niki Kordus, Reiki Master Practitioner

“So how long have you been practicing Reiki?”

The short answer is I have been studying and practicing the art of Reiki for the last four years with focus and intention. This work has brought me “home” to a path that feels more aligned with my journey on the planet, and I am proud to say I am now a certified and licensed Reiki Master Practitioner.

The longer answer is, I’ve been “doing” some form of Reiki since I was a young adult. I have always felt great love and joy through work and being with people throughout my life. I used to say I got “vibes” of a person or situation that helped me energetically navigate a task or situation.

As a Graphic Designer, creating art, logos and visual business products for clients was easy – I would get a feeling of what they were looking for and even “see” pictures of what to create for them, with great success. I considered this intuition, but now know it was more than that.

I have been interested in alternate healing modalities for decades. Reiki comes easily to me, lights my spirit up, and fills me with gratitude and purpose. I am honored to join the league of energy workers in the world. The benefits of a Reiki session are numerous and stretch beyond the one hour session. Clients can learn more about themselves through the healing that comes from each Reiki experience.

My offerings come from a place of universal love, acknowledgement of my gifts and the desire to be of service in the world.