LoveJoy Reiki

Reiki is a complementary healing modality used to help support the body’s ability to heal by clearing the energy centers, providing deep relaxation, and reducing stress and anxiety, among many other benefits. The Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit to the universal energy field, allowing Reiki energy to flow through for the benefit of the recipient. Reiki is only ever positive and healing, and will go where it is most needed. You don’t have to believe in Reiki for it to work for you. You simply have to be open to the possibility of receiving its benefits.

I didn’t realize until I had formal training that I have been practicing Reiki for myself long before I became certified. I have had a fascination with, and belief in, alternative healing modalities since I was in college. Reiki was not available to me at that time, and I chose a more traditionally western career in Design and Development, though I continued learning about principles of energetic and emotional healing. I believe each of us have the very great ability to assist ourselves in healing difficulties in our life. I find Reiki to be a powerful tool used in support of this goal and our overall well being.

I would very often have long conversations with colleagues about the “invisible” elements in our world – specifically energy, or spirit. “If you can’t see it it doesn’t exist,” is something that sparked intense debate. Love is real, but it is invisible. Emotions are real, but they are invisible. Modern science has allowed us to measure these “invisible” elements such as energy and emotions experienced in and around the human body in ways the skeptical mind can grasp and accept what some people have known or believed in for millennia. The power of our thoughts, emotions and where we put our energy have a direct impact on ourselves and those around us. We are physical beings, yes. We are also beings of light and energy.

In formally studying and practicing Reiki, I am delighted to have come full circle back to the “invisible” studies that so enthralled me and lit my passion back in college. Reiki comes easily to me, lights my spirit up, and fills me with gratitude and purpose. I feel this is the work I am meant to do, and I am honored to join a league of energy workers in the world. The benefits of a Reiki session are numerous and stretch beyond the one hour session. Clients can learn more about themselves through the healing that comes from each Reiki experience.

Over the past couple of decades I have combined many modern teacher’s philosophies to assist my own healing journey, and I bring this amalgamation of knowledge and wisdom to my energy practice. My offerings come from a desire to share what I have learned, from a place of universal love and from the desire to be of service to myself, my community, and ultimately, the planet.